Free Trials to BetAdvisor Tipsters

Not all of the tipsters on BetAdvisor provide free trials but if you are looking to have a trial of the BetAdvisor service, this is the process you will need to go through.

1. Look through the tipsters and find one that offers a free trial by clicking on the “Try if FREE for 7 days” link.


2. At this point you will be asked to enter your email address and choose a password. (Check here if you have any problems)


3. Once you’ve done that you will need to enter your telephone number, you will then be sent a confirmation code which you will need to enter to activate your account. Contact support if you have not received your activation code within 10 minutes


Please remember that we do not advise you place any money on the selections you are sent during your trial, a week is a short period of time in sports betting and a loss could be encountered.

Also bear in mind that the selections are sent to you 1 hour after they have been released to paying clients and the odds could have changed in that period.

You are guaranteed a minimum of 3 tips over the course of your trial,  if you have not been sent all 3 by the end, your trial will stay active until you do.

Only one free trial is permitted before a subscription is purchased, multiple accounts are strictly against the terms and conditions of the site.


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