World Cup Tipsters

We’ve asked that our football tipsters get in contact to let us know whether or not they are going to be active during the World Cup.  We’re still waiting for a response from a number of our tipsters but I thought it best to write a list of the tipsters who will be active and add to it as the information comes in.

First up is Daniel Larsen. Daniel has contacted us to let us know that he will not only be working on the World Cup but also covering matches in Sweden, Finlad & Norway.

Iker Leon has only recently passed his probation after joining us from Tipster Academy but he has already proven to be a sensible addition to the site.  He has also informed me that he will be active during the World Cup so we can expect tips from him during this period.

Jeremy Price has been working with us successfully for about a year now and is a popular tipster with our clients.  The World Cup will be a slight departure from his normal markets as often there can be slim margins in the areas he’s concentrated in.  There should be no such problems with the World Cup.

Joao Gomez is our Brazilian specialist so who better is there to give us tips from a Brazilian World Cup?  Joao has confirmed he will be active during the World Cup and we look forward to seeing his tips.

Jorge Aragundy has been specialising in South American football for quite some time so this tournament gives him the opportunity to make some money in a part of the World he knows well.  With Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and perhaps even Chile or Uruguay considered as possible contenders, the South American region should have quite a big say in the outcome of this competition.

Stuart Woodrow is one of the staff here at BetAdvisor and after a successful season providing tips through the weekly videos with SBRForum, he’s been asked to take on the task of tipping on the World Cup.  His service will only be active during the World Cup and all subscriptions will be active right up until the end of the competition.

If any more tipsters get in contact to let us know that they will be active, I will add them to this list.

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