Want a FREE TIP ahead of WAWRINKA, STAN vs ANDERSON, KEVIN tomorrow from our Tipster Teddy Tierney?

“Big win for Anderson against Murray, in what was arguably the performance of his career. The emotional and physical energy lost from the 4hour plus contest on top of his long week in the build up to the event could very well be an issue.
Anderson isn’t well known for handling the big occassiona and his first grand slam quarter final is certanly once such occassion. He’ll need to bring his best on serve again and go for his shots to try and pin Wawrinka deep.
Wawrinka hasn’t been at his best so far but sings were there in the last round that he is building nicely into the event as he’s done before.
The shot maker will look to get after any tentative play from Anderson.
In a match that is likely to be played in the heat of the day the extra strain on Anderson could well be the difference down the stretch”

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