MANCHESTER CITY v CHELSEA – Anton Ebdons Match preview

Football fans, we are almost at the end of the 2011-12 English Premier League season and with only a handful of games left, we are still not quite sure whether Manchester City can manage to hold on to their lead in the table and win the Premiership or see Manchester United engineer a late season run that will be good enough to put them in excellent position to steal the league championship away from their inter city rivals. One thing is for sure though, both English football clubs can’t afford to slip now, especially now at the critical point of the season. This is crunch time and out of all the 20 clubs in the English Premier League, this year’s Premiership is just between Manchester City and Manchester United to win, realistically and mathematically.

This puts Chelsea FC in quite an interesting position. You see, they have a date with Manchester City on March 21st, giving them the opportunity to singlehandedly change the landscape of the race for the Premiership this season. How can they exactly do that? Chelsea can pretty much put a dent on City’s run for the championship by beating them up so bad that it will allow City’s closest rivals for the title, Manchester United, to overtake City in the standings and eventually win the Premiership. Of course, Manchester United would have to do most of the heavy lifting but if Chelsea manages to beat Manchester City on March 21st, the Blues will do Man-U a huge favor.

Chelsea FC already managed to mess up Manchester City’s plans of an undefeated run to the title this year, after the Blues handed City their very first loss in the 2011-12 English Premier League season. You see, Manchester City was so hot that they thought they could just go through everybody in their road to the Premiership. Well, Chelsea FC sure threw that notion out of the window after coming up with a 2-1 win over Man City last December. Manchester City was on a roll at that time too, as they turned up at Stamford Bridge without losing a single fixture in their quite impressive English Premier League campaign. Unfortunately for them, Chelsea FC was determined to deal them their very first loss of the season. And when the dust cleared and it was all said and done, Manchester City’s unblemished record in their road for the Premiership this year was unblemished no more.

The only problem is, Man City have been virtually unstoppable in their Premier League matchups at home. Listed at around 1.80 to beat Chelsea in their return match with the Blues, no club has defeated Man City in their Premiership run on their own home field yet and with only a handful of games left of the season, I’m not expecting City to slip up now, not in front of their supporters at the Etihad Stadium and especially when they were knocked out of the Europa League last week!

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