Juventus v Inter Milan Preview – From Anton Ebdon

Juventus are on the cusp of catching up to defending Serie A champions AC Milan in the race for the league championship this 2011-12 Italian Serie A season. The only problem is, there are only a handful of games left and as far as the Bianconeri is concerned, they better start winning (like they did last time to Violi team, where we had a bet on that match) the rest of their games sooner rather than later if ever they still have plans of catching AC Milan at the top of the table and winning the Scudetto at the end of the season. That puts Inter Milan in quite an interesting position. You see, the Nerazzurri has a date with Juventus on March 25th and because of the fact that this matchup will be played on the Bianconeri’s own home field at the Juventus Stadium, Inter Milan not only has a chance to deal Juventus a rather huge blow to their title bid this year but return the favor to the Bianconeri after the loss Inter Milan suffered from the hands of Juventus right in front of their home fans at the San Siro back in October.

BianconeriInter Milan can pretty much cripple the Bianconeri’s title bid by beating them right in front of their fans at the Juventus Stadium. Heck, with the way the Nerazzurri’s campaign has been this season, the only thing these guys are probably concerned with at this point is to just wreck people’s plans of lifting the Italian Serie A title, the same championship Inter Milan has won for five straight seasons, starting with their 2005-06 campaign all the way to the 2009-10 season, until AC Milan snapped their five-year title reign after winning the Italian Serie A championship last year. Yeah, Inter Milan sure was hot but the way they have been performing lately in the 2011-12 Italian Serie A season is really nothing more but a sorry excuse for the kind of football club they have been, (well, I think ”was” is more suitable here) the last few years. Inter Milan will probably be out for some retribution and a win over Juventus just might be enough to fuel the Nerazzurri to win their last few remaining matches and at least end what has been a very disappointing campaign on a high note.

Unfortunately for Inter Milan, the Bianconeri is determined to catch up to the defending Italian Serie A champions AC Milan this season. And the fact that Juventus is demanding some respect from the rest of the Italian Serie A, it makes it all the more possible that Juventus will be out to make an example out of the Nerazzurri on March 25th. Juventus hasn’t been on the best of moods lately, carrying around what they feel is a series of injustice dealt on their team because of what they think is a lack of respect by the rest of the league on their side.

Juventus can’t afford to lose a match. With only a few more games left to the conclusion of the 2011-12 Italian Serie A season, the Bianconeri’s window of opportunity of winning the league title is slowly disappearing. Can they get it together in time or will Inter Milan play spoiler? My tip for this one will be published on Saturday and this time for my subscribers only!

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