Want a FREE TIP on the big game in England? It’s CHELSEA FC vs ARSENAL FC in a crunch Premier League clash from our Tipster Bennie Laus.

“I am trying to be tricky with this one, as usually people expect lots of goals in these kind of matches, but it could be one of the more tactical, than “playing around” type of matches in my opinion. Chelsea is just started horrible, giving up already 12 goals in 5 matches which is just awful. I think Mourinho’s main focus will be on tightening that defensive line, because they are not a high-scoring team, so can not afford to give up this many. On the other hand Arsenal have been better up front. Giroud is over for me as I said before, and after their performance in Zagreb, I am sure he won’t even start this time. Walcott has the quickness and speed, but I do not think he is a big threat in the air for example for the Chelsea defenders. Özil and Sanches seemed off to me, so the main question for me is this: Who will score the goal(s) for them? I think Arsenal would be ok with a draw at Stanford too, so I do not expect them to risk much either. As we all know, crazy things can happen in football, but I can easily imagine this one to be a 1-0, 0-1, 0-0 kind of fighting/tactical/high pressure game. BTTS: Yes: Only 3 times out of the last 10, 0 out of the last 6. I am going with the streak.”

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