Big Ten College Football Saturday 9/29

Big Ten College Football 2 Play

Illinois offense just doesn’t know what it wants to do. First year coach, players that don’t fit the system, and grossly ineffecient. QB half banged up, barely capable of finishing a game. Illinois is just a very bad football team right now. Penn State is being undervalued here in it’s first Big Ten game of the new Penn State era. A lot of residual memories with sports betters regarding Penn States opening day loss to Ohio, but the MAC is back, and back in a big way. Several higher end MAC teams have given BCS schools all they can handle in road games and we also saw some outright upsets among those games.

Univeristy of Ohio is the top MAC school in the country and extremely proficient on offense. They played a flawless game, executing to perfection in the short passing game. Again Illinois has nowhere near this level of precision. They just can’t execute offensively and this Penn State Defense is still rather strong. Penn State also has an expereinced starter at QB, not a future NFL player by any stretch, but enough to move the chains and execute at a much higher level then Illinois. In a spot in which we basically just have to pick the winner straight up, Penn State is an easy decision here.

Play On Penn State ML -103

I attended a Michigan State game a few weeks back, what’s nice about that is you get to see the game in a way you just can’t see on Television. What really stood out to me was the way Central Michigan, a very low end MAC school, played press coverage on Michigan States WR’s all game. Central Michigan begged Michigan State, literally begged them to throw over the top, which is an area a good team has to execute to avoid seeing the box loaded in the run game. State barely even tried. They couldn’t if they wanted to. The stat sheet from that game shows modest passing numbers, but nearly everything was YAC, and the MSU passing game was extremely inefficient. Michigan States offense has no speed and no play makers. Ohio State is more explosive then efficient at this stage of the Urban Meyer era. They don’t possess the type of offense you can take to the bank, but they outmatch Michigan States big play threats ten fold. In a game in which I expect very little points to come from sustained drives I have to side with a team in Ohio State that is much more capable of the big play, especially in a + odds situation.

Play On Ohio State ML +120

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