Anton Ebdons Match Preview – Tottenham v Manchester United

Mark the date folks because this is probably one of the bigger football games you will see this 2011-12 English Premier League season. You see, at the time of writing this, both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are in a tight race for the top of the table with the Red Devils sitting second and the Spurs in third as Manchester City continues to hold both English football clubs at bay with a string of fantastic performances on the pitch to keep them at the very top of the standings.

Manchester City knows keeping both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in their rearview mirror will be easier said than done, and they know that it only gets harder from here. That is why they have to remain focused and sharp if they want to conclude their campaign this season with the league championship. If Manchester City does indeed remain concentrated on putting up outstanding performances after another, that will put the pressure on both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur to keep pace with Man City. And it starts on March 4th when the two English football clubs meet each other on the pitch of White Hart Lane for the last time this season.

You see, the last time both of these clubs met each other in the English Premier League season, the Red Devils were not the most gracious of hosts to the visiting Spurs as Manchester United dominated Tottenham Hotspur en route to a 3-0 beatdown in front of the faithful Red Devils fans in Old Trafford last August. That game started slow after a first half of meaningless 45 minutes with both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur failing to come up with anything to get on the scoreboard. That’s until Man-U’s young stars got going in the second half as 22-year-old Danny Welbeck opened the lid, so to speak, for the Red Devils with a goal on the 61st minute, paving the way for 23-year-old Oliveira Anderson to come up with his on the 76th minute to give Manchester United the 2-0 lead. And after Wayne Rooney got Manchester United’s third goal of the game with only three minutes to go in the matchup, Tottenham Hotspur knew it was all over. That loss to the Red Devils started a string of misfortunes for Tottenham Hotspur as they only managed to win one of their next four fixtures, beating the Wolverhampton Wanderers after the humiliating 5-1 loss handed to them by Manchester City in the English Premier League to go with a pair of 0-0 draws in the 2011-12 Europa League tournament. Thankfully though, Tottenham Hotspur managed to bounce back from quite the distressing spell they went through at the start of their campaign as they went undefeated in their next ten fixtures in the English Premier League, winning nine of those contests to slowly put together their bid for the Premiership title this season.

Tottenham Hotspur is sitting third, behind the inter city rivals Manchester City and Man United, who sit one and two respectively in the 2011-12 English Premier League table. While third best is a fantastic standing, considering the way they limped through the start of the season, Tottenham defender William Gallas said that his side should not be contented with third place and instead, should keep their eyes on the prize and go all out for the Premiership. Sure, many pundits may have written off the Spurs from winning the Premiership this season but as far as William Gallas, the guy who won two Premiership titles with Chelsea, is concerned, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Of course, if Tottenham Hotspur have plans of winning the Premiership, they have to catch Manchester City at the top of the standings this season. And before they can get to Man City, they have to go through Manchester United first. It starts for the Spurs on March 5th.

If you are a Spurs fan, then you’d be happy to know that I expect Man-U to come out on top while the bookies expect it to be close. I will also go with Rooney to score a blast in this match and that there will be a red card! Over in goals is also a good option to consider.


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