Want a FREE TIP ahead of AC OMONIA NICOSIA vs BRONDBY IF today? Check Landon Grillo’s tip: “Brondby are in a very bad shape in the moment, and trust me – Right now, their badform will continue. They need so bad their two leaders Kahlenberg and Agger, and none of them will play this match. Without those two – Brøndby is without a leader, without creativity and energy. Their confidence is below zero, and their coach is struggeling to stay in the chair. Their starting line up in this match would be a extremely bad without speed and anticipation in midfield. Sunday they lost 2-0 against Hobro, which is a team of semi professionals. And to be honest – Hobro was actually a better team in that match – it is sad, but true. Another fact is, that their 1st goalkeeper – talented Hrdecky is playing his last match for the club, because he is sold to Frankfurt, and has to be in Frankfurt friday to start his new life. Therefore he can’t be fully focused on this match – thats a big blow for the team. The opponent Omonia is a great team with a lot of talented players – very aggressive attackers and technically good midfielders. Two things that Brøndby really hates. Omonia is extremely well playing at home ground, and wheather forecast says +35. These conditions does the danish team never play under, and it will cost them a lot of extra energy. I am affraid, that the danish team will suffer a big loss here!”

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