Surviving A Bad Run – by Ben Cross

Bad runs, losing streaks whatever you want to call them happen.  They happen to the man in the high street bookie and they happen to the most disciplined, professional, systematic gambler as well.  Anyone who gambles on sports for an extended period of time will hit a losing streak at some stage.  They key thing is to accept that losing streaks will occur.  No one can win all of the time no matter how good they may be.  Once a gambler/tipster/subscriber realises that losing streaks will occur they can attempt to minimise the impact of the streak.  It is essential to stick to tried and trusted techniques and not to become flustered.  A flustered tipster/gambler puts pressure on themselves to recoup losses and places bets that in a winning run would not be placed or increases stake on a low value selection.  DO NOT alter what was worked in the past.  STICK with what works.

That is not to say that you any system can not be improved.  Finessing the fundamental principals/methods of your system/pricing should be an ongoing process.  You can equate gambling on a professional level, either through subscribing to a tipster or betting, to any professional sport.  Strikers miss goals, baseball pitchers/hitters go through slumps, and cricket batsmen score no runs.  Those slumps do not make the person a bad player overnight, they happen.  What they will do is work harder, look to improve the technique which got them the professional contract in the first place but stick to the fundamentals they have.

Reduced stakes/bank management should be part of any slump.  Stakes should be reduced as a natural by product of efficient bank management.  This is especially true of tipsters.  Without knowing the exact financials of individual subscribers tipsters have a responsibility to maintain the banks of their subscribers.  Reduce stake do not reduce the number of games bet on as variance can play a huge part.  You could go 2-10 on a certain league over a month but in the course of a season have a good win %.

As a novice tipster I did occasionally feel under pressure to tip on an event on most of the days when there was a card of events (generally Friday/Saturday/Sunday for myself with the rugby).  Do not be afraid to take a day off or a couple of days off.  This applies to tipsters and bettors alike.

My record over the last 9 months, (the period on my tipster page, I have had 6 winning months and 3 down months.  August was a terrible month for me and September was also a negative month but October and November have been good.  My systems have not changed, small tweaks to existing protocols may have been introduced but the losing streak lasted 2 months.  REMEMBER what I said at the start of this piece, LOSING STREAKS HAPPEN.  Subscribers left but recent form will hopefully bring some of them back and we can welcome some new subscribers on board as well.  I thank those for sticking with me

To happy punting for us all.


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