Lingfield (AW) – A Guide to Flat Racecourses

Lingfield Racecourse

Lingfield All-Weather Racecourse is a sharp left handed track with some undulations. The course surface was formerly run on Equitrack which use to favour good early speed, much more so than it does now, but of course, the switch to a Polytrack surface in 2001 has addressed the issue of any pace bias, except for certain times of the year when a drastic change in temperature followed by persistent rain can occasionally bring the issue up again.

One useful tool to use as part of your form analysis is to look at the horse’s sire (Father) record on the surface at the track, this is not the main factor used by bookmakers when creating their book or “prices”. So any angle that can prove to be profitable and is not used by the majority of those that bet is an obvious advantage, especially as SP returns can, therefore, be more desirable as a consequence.

Here is a sample of some of those stallions that have a good record with their progeny on this course and surface. b

Please note: Profit and Loss figures (P/L) is based on level stakes betting of one Euro per bet to SP.

Sire Name: Stormy Atlantic

Bets: 28 Win: 9 Strike Rate: 32.14%  P/L +17.50

Sire Name: Bernstein

Bets: 31 Win: 9 Strike Rate: 29.03%  P/L +25.67

Sire Name: Successful Appeal

Bets: 37 Win: 9 Strike Rate: 24.32%  P/L +40.88

Sire Name: Champs Elysees

Bets: 106 Win: 24 Strike Rate: 22.64%  P/L +57.84

Sire Name: Arch

Bets: 74 Win: 16 Strike Rate: 21.62%  P/L +11.82

Sire Name: Archipenko

Bets: 71 Win: 15 Strike Rate: 21.13%  P/L +21.15

For those that are interested in trainer angles, then these ones below are worth considering when given specific circumstances.

Trainer: William Knight

Any two year old contesting a Non-Handicap race

Bets: 58 Win: 12 Strike Rate: 20.69%  P/L +122.94

Trainer: Julia Fielden

Any horse aged four or  older contesting a 4yo+ Handicap race

Bets: 118 Win: 22 Strike Rate: 18.64%  P/L +61.42

Trainer: N.B King

Any horse aged four or older contesting a 4yo+ Handicap race

Bets: 29 Win: 13 Strike Rate: 44.83%  P/L +51.86

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