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Hamilton Racecourse

Hamilton Racecourse is a stiff uphill right handed track that is based in Scotland. The circuit is about thirteen furlongs in length and there is a straight six furlong track as well.

It is a grade four track with only one pattern race taking place, that being the Glasgow Stakes which takes place in July over a distance just short of twelve furlongs and is only open to three-year-olds.

Looking through my trainer stats for the course, it is apparent that one trainer does stand out and that is Mark Johnston for a number of reasons. He has recorded more winners here than any other current trainer but what is remarkable is that he is currently showing a small profit to starting price (not taken a price or fixed odds) if you had backed every single runner regardless of race type, and given a number of runners he has had here since his first runner that is very impressive indeed.  Here’s his overall record below.

Bets: 666 Wins: 147 Strike Rate: 22.07% P/L +10.32

There are of course some type of races where he excels more than others, and they are listed below for your information. Profit and Loss figures (P/L) is based on level stakes betting of one Euro per bet to SP.

Any horse aged three years old contesting a Handicap for a 3yo+ race.

Bets: 163 Wins: 41 Strike Rate: 25.15% P/L +84.31

Any horse aged two contesting a Non-Handicap race.

Bets: 152 Wins: 45 Strike Rate: 29.61% P/L +50.48

No doubt better profits can be achieved if you are able to bet with a best odds guaranteed bookmaker or take a price to fixed odds.

Although Mark Johnston is way ahead on performance amongst his peers, there are a few other trainers worth keeping an eye on when they have a runner here in specific circumstances, they are as follows;

Keith Dalgliesh

Any three years old contesting a 3yo+ Handicap

Bets: 87 Wins: 15 Strike Rate: 17.24% P/L +36.39

Tim Easterby

Any horse aged between three and six contesting a 3yo+ Handicap

Bets: 72 Wins: 16 Strike Rate: 22.22% P/L +71.83

Karl Burke

Any horse aged two contesting a Non-Handicap race.

Bets: 50 Wins: 12 Strike Rate: 24% P/L +16.80

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