Florin Groza

Hello everyone and first of all let me thank you for choosing me  to write in this weeks newsletter.

I understand that you all wanted to know something about me, my profile and what I am trying to achieve as a tipster and these are the things I will address in this article.

I am 27 years old and my full-time job is betting for the third year in a row now.  I started betting when I was in college and it didn’t take me long until I realised that you can’t win betting on multiple sports and the only way you can beat the bookies is to focus on one sport and try to be the best in your business. Beside soccer, the sport I played in my youth, I had a passion for the American sports, American football, baseball, basketball and hockey and it wasn’t long until I started betting on them. Of course when you bet on something you have to be fully informed and as I watched all of these sports on a regular basis I realised that I felt in love with baseball and I started to learn more and more about it.

I started betting on baseball in the 2011 season and at the end of the season I realised that it was an good one.  Then in 2012 I heard about Tipster Academy and decided to take a trial which was also a success after I closed the 2012 betting year with an solid profit. Now I am on my third year with profit and the way things are going I can only see more of that coming.

My belief in life is that you can only be successful if you like what you are doing and I can say that I am among the few lucky ones that love their job and really do it with passion and dedication. Also I am a believer that if you want to achieve success you have got to study very hard, watch news, films and games and be aware of everything that is happening daily in the sport that you are covering.

Because I am based in Europe and our time zone is different to that in the United States, my work is divided into two separate parts, one in the afternoon is studying news and finding information about the games that are featured on that day and the second part, during the night, is watching as many games as I can and gathering as much information as possible.

There are six months of regular season in the MLB, almost another full month with playoff games and it all ends with the World Series. Each team plays 162 regular season games and each day there are between 9 and 15 games going on so there is plenty of games for me to choose from. It depends from one tipster to another the number of games they send to their clients, I personally do not have a fixed number, there could be days with one pick and days with three or four picks but at the end of the month the total number is around 50-60 picks because I want my clients to take full advantage of my service and bring them as much profit I can and always when I see an value in one game I will send it.

In my point of view the combination of success is hard work, dedication and respecting a bankroll plan. If you choose at the beginning of the season an amount of money to bet on every game you must stick with that until the end of the season and not change regardless of winning or losing runs, everybody will encounter at one time an losing run because it’s inevitable in every sport and I think it is very important in those moments not to lose focus and stick to the initial plan.

Also, it is very important to be patient and never try to rush things, baseball is a sport which can really bring in some nice money but the results are seen at the end of the season and not on short term like a week or even a month.  Respecting those things brought me success and I think it can be seen as I have never had a losing month in my career as an professional tipster.

What I am trying to achieve is very simple, Money, for you and for me. Working hard and with passion will always fulfill that, and I am inviting you to follow my service because I can guarantee you only one simple thing, that at the end of the season you will end up with a nice amount of cash.

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