Fakenham – A Guide to UK Jump Racecourses

Fakenham Racecourses

Fakenham racecourse is a sharp undulating, left handed track. The circuit is about one mile in circumference and is almost square shaped.

The hurdle track has only four hurdles whilst there are six fences on the chase circuit. It’s a very sharp track, one of the sharpest in the country which is no surprise when you consider the shape of the course and overall length. Therefore, the type of horse required to perform well needs to be agile and nippy whilst racing prominently can be an advantage, especially if able to jump with fluency.  There are more races over the minimum distance of two miles than at any other distance at the track so a lot of speedier types for their respective grade tend to take part.

There isn’t a main feature race, as it is listed as a low grade course, the highest grade of race are class three events of which there are seventeen races per calendar season. Still, it is a popular venue for local spectators given how races are often run from the outset.

There are slightly more handicap races then non-handicap races, 482 versus 423, so a fair distribution of races throughout the year.

Further below are some trainer angles for your consideration at the venue.

Please note: Profit and Loss figures (P/L) is based on level stakes betting of one Euro per bet to SP.

Trainer: N P Mulholland

Course: Fakenham

Race Type: Handicap Hurdle (Novice in status)

Bets: 20 Wins: 10 Strike Rate: 50% P/L+19.62

Additional note; A very impressive win strike rate albeit with moderate returns, suggesting winners from the yard tend to come from those that feature prominently in the market. Therefore to increase profits I would focus my attention on runners that are priced 9.0 or below as there were no winners outside this price range and will save you a few losing bets in the process.

Trainer: L Wadham

Course: Fakenham

Race Type: Handicap Chase (Not Novice in status)

Bets: 34 Wins: 11 Strike Rate: 32.35% P/L+19.44


Additional note; A similar performance with this stable in relation to N P Mulholland in that the win strike rate is healthy and once again the returns are less generous, despite a few decent price winners. To increase profitability on the above stats I would focus my attention on runners aged between five and eleven as there were no winners outside this age group.

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