Why going for big scores won’t make you rich.

A parlay, combo, teaser, multi-bet is a single bet that covers multiple events. They are a popular way to bet on sports because they give gamblers a chance to get rich from a huge win even if they only bet a small amount of money. These exotic bets can add a lot of fun to your  sports betting experience without the risk of big losses. But are they a good way of making money if you want to have regular profit from betting?

In sports betting, you should definitely avoid betting on combinations a.k.a. accumulators. If you don’t, then you stand to lose a lot of money. Probability of winning a multi-bet is about the same as rolling a dice!

In this article, I’ll tell you exactly why

Here’s a big example, I regularly check the window of the bookies where I live and it is common to see accumulators advertised. For example: “Bet on Barcelona to win and score 2-0 and get €50 back from a €1 bet!” These sort of sensational headlines are simply a tactic used by bookies to lure in the weak and make a killing. As the saying goes “you never see a poor bookie” so surely you should be suspicious of accumulators.

Quite often these accumulators are pushed as a way to combine favorites and get bigger rewards than normal. The problem is that bookies often under-price favorites and even a single bet of this sort will not return any profits in the long term. Now if you use an accumulator, you will simply be multiplying the bookie’s cut several times over! Notice that most of the bookies will even treat you with a poor offer of 10% cash-back on your multi-bets, just to lure you further into their trap!

The Difference Between Expected And Actual Outcome

With betting, you should be looking for value in every match or game that you bet on. You should be looking for where the bookie is giving you better odds than it should be. If you do this, then in the long term you will profit. But the problem with betting on accumulators is that you need each event that you are betting on to succeed in order to win. What this means is that you will get some very wayward results. Even if you should be proven right in the long term, the randomness of real life may mean that you will instead get a huge losing streak instead. It could literally take years for you to be proven right!

Surely, you’re in this game to get money sooner rather than later, right?

The only way to profit successfully from sports betting is to use a methodical  approach and pick only single bets. Then you will discover the explosive secret of how to hit big % of your sports bets while not losing much!

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