Bath – A Guide To Flat Racecourses

Bath Racecourses

Bath is a left-handed galloping track with uphill gradients, it is also the highest flat course on land above sea level in the UK. This can often see the course draining quickly compared to other courses when it receives rain as water runs down the hill on the uphill gradients part of the course.

From my more recent records, this course is probably the only one of two remaining tracks where the going description can be described as “Firm” on some occasions and certainly more frequently than the other.

As a consequence, when it is firm, it will only horses that genuinely like a hard surface which is usually few and far between because any surface being nearly as hard as a road is going to put a lot of pressure on the various joints when racing at speed, and when you consider most horses weigh north of half a ton, that’s a lot of weighted pressure being applied on four fragile legs.

However, horses that are proven on the course and surface is arguably in the top 35 percent of being more of an advantage than being a course specialist at another track, these are just according to my personal figures and is partly subjective.

There are some races at specific distances where it can pay to follow a horse who won its latest start at the track and returns to the venue subsequently for his or her latest run as the record below indicates.

Distance 5.5F Bets: 85 Wins: 20 strike rate: 24% P/L +7.40 (SP)

Distance 8F Bets: 37 Wins: 8 strike rate: 22% P/L +13.33 (SP)

Distance 13F Bets: 27 Wins: 7 strike rate: 26% P/L +7.25 (SP)

There are a few trainers worth noting when they send their runners here and rather than pick out trainers that are considered to have a bigger reputation which of course affects value it may be worth looking lower down the pecking order.

I’ve picked out three trainers which if backing their runners in a handicap for older horses only, that means horses aged four and above, would have produced the following results.

Ed De Giles

J A Geake

L Perrett

Bets: 67 Wins: 21 strike rate: 31.34% P/L +46.98 (SP)

The above profit figures are based on SP, which means starting price and therefore better returns can be achieved if you are betting with a best odds guaranteed bookmaker.

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