Assessing runners in class three handicap turf races.

Assessing runners in class three handicap turf races.

There has been 40052 class three handicap races run on turf since 2003. Since then, there has been a steady increase in these races year on year, for example in 2009 there were 2327 events, 2013 there were 2872 races and last year broke the 3000 marker with 3117 individual races.

Handicaps are the staple diet of the overall race program and if you’re a frequent bettor trying to make your betting pay than it is best to familiarize yourself with such races.

Class three handicaps strike the right balance with horses of good ability, who are likely to have fewer soundness issues than those that are of a lower grade.

There are only two race bands 76-90, and 81-95. Both bands carry a difference of 14lb meaning horses have to be rated within 14lb of each other to compete against one another.

There is more class three handicap races for three year olds only than any other age bracket restrictions, with two year old nurseries taking second place.

The vast majority of class three handicap on turf hold prize money between £4000 to £8000 but there are where the prize money has exceeded £21000, there were three of these races last year.

Since the minimum rating is 76 to get into one of these races means horses that horses of class five grade are not eligible to run as the maximum rating for a class five race is 75. So only horses of class four ability, genuine class three horses, and horses at the lower to lower-middle end of class two grade can participate, again depending on the band width assigned to the race.

Here is a small list of trainers that tend to do well in these type of events.

Please note records are based on a level staking plan to one Euro or Sterling per bet at SP (Industry prices).

Trainer: C Cox

Bets: 37 Wins: 10 Strike rate: 29% P/L +26.38

Trainer: Sir M Stoute

Bets: 49 Wins: 13 Strike rate: 27% P/L +18.39

Trainer: J Gosden

Bets: 33 Wins: 10 Strike rate: 30% P/L +25.54

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