Trading Strategies – Part 2

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Sports betting psychology Trading sports bets is almost like running a business. Whether it’s full time or part time you need to remove all emotion from any sports betting strategy you develop. Decide how many losers you will take or what percentage of your bank you will sacrifice before you change some part of your strategy. But, remember never get annoyed if you lose, and never ever get excited when you are winning.

What do I do when I have a system that works?

Don’t expect it to work indefinitely. Eventually the oddsmakers will adjust their odds return to balance their books. This time span depends on how much you are taking from them. So, be prepared to review your systems performance regularly and to make slight or large adjustments.

Which sports?

Whichever sport you choose to trade, don’t trade the big games or matches as these will be priced very carefully by the bookmakers. Where possible I want to try to find value in the odds we are offered by the bookmakers. I will take this into consideration when looking at which sports to trade. Moreover, talking about value I will also discuss what markets are most appropriate to bet on. There are numerous betting markets to use to form a good football betting strategy. To choose from you have player’s performance, throw-ins, corners, bookings, injuries, and much more. Headline results offer very little to a good football betting system. These more obscure markets and competition between bookmakers is what lends itself to making a betting system from football.

Sports betting strategy advice

Whatever sport you decide to bet on ensure you do your research first. If you don’t have your predictions backed up by facts and figures then don’t bet on it. Set aside time once a week for form study. However, what we’d much prefer is to use one of the great sports data website available. Those sites can give you all the data you need at a touch of a button, plus it saves you a lots of time and make the entire process enjoyable. Next, you need to be a specialist. Choose one particular aspect of sports. Whether it is Academic Basketball or Ethiopian football league. If its football (for example English) ensure you study just one or two leagues. Choose one or two betting markets, for example, with football you may want to concentrate on corners or bookings points. Lastly don’t feel like you need to follow the crowd. If you have followed your system then stick to your guns.]]>