Racing v Sports Tipsters: Who’s The Best?

Racing v Sports Tipsters: Who’s The Best?

When it comes to making that all important profit from betting, there are many different paths you can take. There are dozens of different tipsters on Bet Advisor, each with their own spin on making their betting pay.

Whether it’s backing at short or long prices, betting 20 times a day or 20 times a month, it often matters little. What does matter is if a tipster can make you a profit as that, after all…is what we really care about!

Racing vs Sports Tipsters
The major dividing line in sports betting is between those tipsters who bet on horses and those that bet on sports such as football.

Both areas can be profitable, but in very different ways. For this article, we’re going to use two of the best tipsters available on Bet Advisor.

·         Christopher Silenos: To represent Team Racing

·         Aiden Monroe: To represent Team Racing

The number of bets supplied is just one major difference with 43 bets a month tipped up by the racing tipster compared to just an average of 22 from the football tipster. Aiden Monroe tips up nearly double the number of tips each month.

Another major differences comes in the form of the strike-rate they achieve with the football tipster winning almost 1 in 2 bets (45%) whilst the racing tipster just about manages 1 in 4 (ish) (28%) as the table below helps reveal.

Weighing Up Profit From Different Tipsters
So how then do these differences in how they bet and tip translate to the profits that can be made?

This often depends upon the various ways and means you can weigh up a tipster and to help Bet Advisorusers decide we produce a range of figures to showcase each tipster in a variety of lights.

Starting with the yield helps as this figure informs you as to how much you need to stake to make a profit with a tipster. For example – A 1% ROI means that for every £100 you bet, you profit £1 on average. In the example below, we can see the Racing Tipster edges this with 19.86% to 13.53%.

When we compare results to €1 = 1 unit, the profit for the Racing Tipster is also that much higher too with €29,548 €7,957. This though can be deceiving not least because in an average month the racing tipster gives out more than 20 extra tips that the football tipster  and has been tipping longer.

Comparing Using Betting Banks
How then do we compare these two tipsters? One answer lies in how much they can help grow a fixed sum of money or betting bank as we term it.

Below you can see the profits made from a €2000 betting bank from day 1. This €2000 bank levels the playing field somewhat and shows quite realistically just what they can make you from a standing start. (It is worth pointing out here you don’t need €2000 to get started – it’s simply a ball-park figure we use for these calculations)

What we did here was to assume that you would stake more per bet with the football tipster compared to the racing tipster.


As the racing tipster is betting at big odds, the losing periods can be more severe than for the football tipster. So if you were using a €2000 in both cases, there’s no way you would be betting the same amount per bet. The Football tipsters losing runs are going to be much shorter than the racing tipster so you can afford to up the ante with your staking.

Here we see that the Football Tipster actually performs quite well with a €3,183profit in relation to €5,910for the Racing Tipster from the €2000starting investment. When you factor in the much lower quantity of bets for the latter – you can begin to see the appeal.

Two Very Profitable Tipsters
It’s fair to say that both these tipsters have shown themselves to be very profitable over a long period of time. Yet both work in hugely different ways when it comes to bet numbers, average odds and strike-rate.

The beauty of having such different tipsters is that it can help appeal to you whatever your preferences.

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This article is written with the help of tipster comparison site Secret Betting Club.