Oscar West

Yield is probably misleading when you look for tipsters IMO, it rarely is indicative of how good a tipster is because the yield is only measured in relation to the number of tips a tipster has made. It would really only be a fair and clear guideline between how successful and profitable a tipster is in comparison to others if all the tipsters were to be measured on the same number of tips. Of course that doesn’t happen because each tipster is different and makes tips at the rate they feel comfortable with and sometimes some tipsters may not like anything so just bide their time. [caption id="attachment_2088" align="alignright" width="150"]NBA specialist capper Click the image to see Dmitrys full record and statistics.[/caption] Lebedev is an example of someone who would be hidden away by onlookers on the website, yet at the same time he is raking in the profit and often in an excessive amount each month. Making profit as a tipster you would think should be something that would be beneficial and help get yourself recognised, but actually it seems it has the reverse effect. Of course some would say; “ah well, you should be able to make as much profit as you can from as few tips as you, that is the real indication of a good tipster”.  Maybe that’s so, but as a tipster and specialist of the respective sport it’s hard to be selective between a set of picks you like when you are unable to separate them in terms of certainty. For some, if they are selective and try to whittle it down they may end up losing the ones you pick and the ones you didn’t end up picking may win. There are some tipsters who only like one and at most two plays every few days or so, so this is convenient to them. The yield system encourages tipster to be safe and not aim for profit and instead look to keep a pretty yield figure in order to bring in the custom. My point is, as a tipster if you see value and you give that pick a reasonable chance of winning, you can’t just go and ignore that and say no, I am going to just stick with the one pick I am 100% sure of. Surely the best strategy is to maximise the understanding and knowledge you have of your sport and to generate as much profit as that is possible. Long term wise it’s not drawing in the profit, but more just keeping the tipster at a high yield which doesn’t equate to money for the clients. This doesn’t mean I believe yield to be completely irrelevant, of course I don’t, but it certainly isn’t a stat that is full of the representation to how profitable a tipster is or could be. Thank you for reading. If you have any comments on this article or would like to debate it with me my facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oscar-West/358907834221153]]>