What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

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Ever taken a price with a bookie only to see the horse start the race at a higher SP than the bet you placed? With a number of bookies now offering Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG), hopefully it won’t be happening to you too often in the future.

So, how does it work ?

Put simply, if you place your bet with a bookie offering the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion, if the odds on the horse then drift out and starts with a higher SP than your original bet but the horse goes on to win the race, you will get paid at the higher SP rate, of course if the horses odds come in and it goes to win, you still get paid at the odds you originally took.

So, where’s the catch ?

Bookies offering Best Odds Guaranteed will often be offering slightly lower prices than their competitors who are not offering BOG, it’s their insurance against the odds going against them and having to pay out later.

Lets look at an example

Looking at a race at the 16.40 at Newton Abbot on Thursday 5th May, I can see that several bookies are offering Best Odds Guaranteed on the race,  I’m interested in Wallace Monument as tipped by FormBet, there are several BOG options, one of which is bet365, their odds are as good as anyone right now (apart from Betfair who don’t do BOG) at 10/1.

If I wanted to, I could happily place my bet now knowing that if the odds drift, I’m protected and if the odds shorten, I’ve got on at 10/1 anyway.

Which bookmakers offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

Well, some of them are :

  • Stan James
  • Ladbrokes
  • Coral
  • William Hill
  • Centrebet
  • Bet365
  • Totesport
  • Boylesports
  • VictorChandler
  • Paddy Power

(Check the bookie is still offering BOG, don’t just take our word for it.)

What happened to Wallace Monument?

In the end Wallace Monuments odds came in a little and I was glad of the early odds I managed to take even though it wasn’t a winner. If it had won, I would have been protected against moves either way in the market and nowadays, protecting your investment is part and parcel of being a successful punter.

So, there is your introduction to BOG, maybe it’s something you should be using to improve your returns, it could make a tidy difference every week and requires very little extra work.