Mecaen Lospuros and Joshua Smith are the best tipsters in January 2020

With +4532 profit units and an incredible 23.86% yield, the horse racing tipster Mecaen Lospuros is the most profitable on of the previous month. He provided 192 tips and his best prediction was “Englishman to win” at 16.45 decimal odds. Now Mecaen Lospuros has a yield of 2,19% after 786 predictions. His career on Betadvisor is quite recent it started in March 2019. Before this great month, he lost for 4 consecutive months. If you want to subscribe Lospuros, the price is 19 euros per month.

Mecaen Lospuros bets on the winner and each-way market, usually the odds range is between 3.00 and 10.00. Its most usable bookmaker is (with a big profit), then and Williamhill (both with a defeat).

The second best January tipster on the platform is Joshua Smith, a football tipster. He provided 68 predictions and made a profit of +2253 units with a yield of 33.43%, better than that of Mecaen Lospuros. Now, after 700 predictions, Joshua Smith‘s overall performance is +9270 units and the yield of 13.26%, 8th in the total football ranking. He started in 2017, so he has a good platform experience. Joshua Smith‘s win rate is 53.29% with an average odds of 2.01. He prefers the Italian and British markets, the most common type of bet Asian handicap and Sbobet and Pinnacle are the main bookies. So he has all the ingredients to be a great tipster. It is still early to be sure because 700 tips are not a huge number, however, we had to remember and check this tipster again shortly. To receive Joshua Smiths‘s tips you have to pay 79 euros per month.

The third best January performance on Betadvisor is a horse racing tipster again: Oliver Wilkinson. He just finished the month with +1692 profit for 42.31% yield in 48 tips. He has started to put predictions on the platform in 2018 and right now he has overall +1291 units profit and 1.84% yield after 768 tips. His price is 19 euros per month. Like his colleague Lospuros, Wilkinson also achieved a great historical result on Bet365 while with William Hill’s tips the score is negative. Most of the predictions are in the odds range between 3.00 and 10.00, but its best performance is with higher odds.

The fourth best tipster of the previous month is very interested. Virgil is a football tipster with 11 reviews and all customers have rated him with 5 stars. He has just started with Betadvisor and February will be the third month as a tipster. Virgilio closed January with a profit of +1550 units, with a yield of 18.73% in 85 tips. In December 2019 his performance was surprising with an unreal yield of 70.76%. Like Joshua Smith, Virgil also prefers the markets in the United Kingdom and Italy, the type of bet is Asian handicap and he uses Pinnaclesports, Sbobet, and Bet365. The price for a monthly subscription is 99 euros or 249 euros for 3 months. He is very young and fresh, so we need more time to better understand this profile.

The fifth best Betadvisor tipster of January 2020 is Luis Lopez. This tipster returned after a bad December and is now flat (0.1% yield). Usually, he bets on several different leagues and also the type of bets is mixed. The main bookmaker used is Unibet. One month Luis Lopez‘s subscription is 59 euros.

In conclusion

It is not easy at all to predict which tipster will be successful in the future. The quality of a tipster is recognized by many different elements, first of all, the truthfulness and honesty of the odds, liquid markets, a reasonable number of predictions per month, use of bookmakers with high betting limits, to satisfy many customers at the same time. If I had to venture a single name, even in light of the high variance surrounding horse racing, I would personally bet on Joshua Smith, a football tipster who is currently doing very well.

Other tipsters

In the top 10, we have also Kraken, Noah Phillips, Uldis Paksins, Connor Johnson and Joseph Rogers, all of them above 1k profit.