Level stakes or adjusted stakes?

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blog. I am of the opinion that it’s possible to create a profit using adjusted stakes as long as you do not base the size of your stakes on the date, your cats birthday or stupid things like that. A big part of my personal strategy – which I use as one of many tools in my daily work as well – are value but all my picks do not need to have a 10% positive value. I don’t mind 20% of my picks being non-value bets (but “sure” bets) just as long as all of my picks are differentiated accordingly. This strategy allows me to bet on many more games than the average punter/tipster. The roi might be slightly smaller than the average punter/tipster but I don’t care – the only thing I care about are the size of my profits. Proof of my strategy can be found at BetAdvisor where I have doubled my bankroll in 7 months. There will be weeks where I suffer losses but those are always followed by weeks with larger profits. Regards, Anders Knudsen]]>