How not to be a gambling fool

Why do some people lose so much money when gambling online and why are others so lucky? The chances of an individual winning is the same regardless of who he or she is. You do your homework and spend hours looking at stats and form, you even find winning bets more often then not. But the bookie still keeps taking your money. If you find this happening to you, perhaps you might want to check out this list, it may not guarantee you winning, but it will help you deal with (and hopefully avoid) losing.

Have a plan and stick to it.

People lose a ton of money simply due to a lack of planning. You’re on a run and have just picked out three winners in a row, then you see a sure thing and think it can’t lose, so why not put your winnings on it? Well you would be better off walking away with what you already have. Sounds simple but I’ve seen loads of people in the bookies do this and end up losing  everything. Maybe you’re on a bad run and need to recoup huge losses. That’s easy right, you just need to place a bigger bet? You might get lucky, but this will only end up one way in the long run and it’s not the way you want. Always set the amount you are happy to walk away with and if you’re not happy losing, do not gamble.

Try not to gamble when you are stressed or emotional

Placing bets when your mind is preoccupied and you are an emotional mess will lead to poor judgment and can be painful for your bank balance, because you will be lacking in focus, you can commit critical errors.

Take some time out

Take a break once in a while. Sometimes its good to take a couple of weeks off and take a step back from placing bets and just enjoy watching, forget about past bets and clear your head.

Do other things

relaxDoing nothing but gambling can break your inner balance. It’s true that focusing on one thing can lead to good results but focusing on one thing alone can be disastrous. Doing other things give you a chance to look at things differently. It can give you a different insight that you might have missed had you focused entirely on only one thing.
Ok, so it might sound like I’m talking rubbish but ask yourself if you have ever had a good day betting only to end up with nothing because you kept going? Or when you have lost, stressing yourself out trying to find a bet only for it to lose because you were stressed and bet on the first thing you thought might win? That’s where doing other things or taking time out helps. Keep a clear head and staying in control are two things every successful punter needs.