Consistency – by Daniel Larsen

Consistency wins. That is the heart of the headline statement. There is nothing in my mind that is clearer than this statement in the business of betting. Whatever approach you take, whoever you decide to bet on, regardless of the betting plan you use if you do not do all that day every day, 365 days a year, you will end up losing in the long term. You will never be able to tell if your strategy is a winner’s or a loser if you jump from one idea to another every time there is a change of fortune. Whatever period you decide is optimal to test your ideas, always stick to the original time frame and if you need to make a change do it, but only in a positive and not in a negative manner. No Going BackMost punters lose on a regular basis because they are not emotionally prepared and do not follow even the most basic betting essentials. In order to provide consistency when betting you need to follow a proven and reliable system. To make it clear, even following the systems will sometimes lead to a loss. Losing runs are a part of this business and can not be completely avoided. Even the most profitable systems can sometimes bump and slide into a losing streak. Systems rarely provide profit all year long because there are just too many random factors in sports betting that can influence your performance. However, systems offer us the best way of making consistent profits and any period of losing bets will be followed by a period of winning bets. Once you understand this concept you are not far away from making profit consistently. Most punters do not have enough patience to use a system long enough before making changes so they never end up making profits consistently. They often stop using a system after the first few losses and ultimately return to the usual and ineffective method of wagering without a plan. Good punters that follow a proven system are informed, well prepared and have a past experience of betting patterns. They are aware that losing runs encountered will ultimately not affect their long term goal of making money. It is the same in any other business investment. For example, let us take the Stock Market exchange. Stock prices vary and can one day be up while immediately on the second day can easily go down but if managed properly can provide a good return on your start investment. The dynamics of long term investments are not as sure as you would expect and even the bookmakers lose money. You have to have a “Positive Expectancy” which means that although you may lose sometimes while following a proven system you will eventually come to a point where your profits outweigh your losses. By learning to think with a “Positive Expectancy” and with a good plan you will succeed and be profitable long term. It is very important to keep your expectations realistic, focused and attainable. If you are looking for a way to make instant wealth, forget racing or football and buy a lottery ticket. Poker NightGenerally, it is very important to control your emotions in order to put them aside and make cold calculated decisions based on facts and knowledge. In addition, it is very important to separate your betting bankroll from your everyday life budget. In  that way any loss will be easier to handle. In case you did not know the main reason why gamblers in casinos play with chips and not  money is just that because when the gambler losses 100 euros in chips, he does not think what  he could have bought with that amount. A high level of emotional involvement while making betting decision will surely be your undoing and will drastically influence your confidence. This in turn will lead to fear and bad habits creeping into your betting patterns. For example, chopping and changing methods that have been proven to work in the long term. You must understand that systems and strategies need to be monitored over time in order to asses whether they are successful or not. It does you no good if you try out a system for a week or two and then change the rules when you hit the first few bad results. If you follow that path you will eventually end up with an erratic pattern and, even worse, a long term loss. Be careful not to try forcing your way out of a losing streak. That is one of the most common mistakes that punters make. A losing run will inevitably come along sooner or later and the most important thing is to find the least painful way to surpass it. That is the key to making a profit in long term betting.  Punters that lose on a regular basis always try to regain their lost stake money even if the opportunity presented is not the most suitable to do so. This rash action usually leads them to losing even more money. Irrational behavior of this kind can easily be rectified if simple logic and common sense are applied. What such people fail to realize is that tomorrow is another day and there are matches seven days a week in the whole world. Therefore, there are many options for them to profit from, but not necessarily on the same day. Patience, observation and planning will regain the winning streak sooner if not later. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="175"]tipster Daniel Larsen Click here to see Daniels full statistics & results.[/caption]  ]]>