Guide to Betting – Helping you beat the Bookie the Right Way

Sports’ betting is now a huge industry and here at, we are dedicated to bringing you the best betting advice, using expert tipsters who have gone through a series of intensive selection processes. Our tipsters help punters select the best value bets on the best sport betting sites so here’s a few tips to get you started.


There are many companies and individuals out there who claim to be the best when it comes to sports betting advice. From declarations that they have “inside information” to other dirty tricks such as selling other people’s tips, there are many reasons to be wary about any advice on offer. Here at, we constantly monitor our tipsters to ensure that every piece of advice given is unique advice or in other words, the tipster has done extensive research before offering punters their assessment. As one of our experts once stated; “If you cannot explain the background to a selection then you cannot justify it.”


If a tipster claims that they have made excessive points profit during a specific period, beware; here at, we give all our subscribers access to our tipsters’ background so you can see their entire track record since joining us. So for instance, if it has been a profitable month for a particular tipster, before taking the plunge and subscribing, you will be able to see their entire “back catalogue” of tipping advice. That way you can guarantee 100% clarity


Another common practice in the world of betting is tipsters that use sub-standard bookmakers to make their selections. Sometimes, odds can seem more attractive than they actually are and in truth, should be avoided completely. only use the best betting websites so our tipsters only source their information from bookmakers that we know our punters can trust.


The introduction of social media has given rise to a host of fraudulent tipsters who are out to make a fast profit from their unsuspecting victims. It’s quite easy to offer betting advice via Twitter and Facebook; anyone can make predictions, take punters hard earned cash then simply disappear. At, we take a totally different approach, only selecting tipsters based on their results and commitment. As we have mentioned already, we allow the punter to access all of our tipsters betting history and we monitor that information in-house allowing our tipsters to concentrate on what they do best, tipping.

A SUMMARY has built up a network of expert tipsters working within the philosophies stated above. Our tipster academy has made our organisation one of the most respected in its field. Everybody can use some good advice sometimes; our company ensures that when that time comes, you can be 100% certain in our commitment to you, the punter.

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By: Steve Mitchell