“Dear valued member, All players accounts are reviewed on a regular basis by our Trading team, and due to the unprofitable nature of this account the decision has been made to close it. I would make you aware that this decision has been made at the highest level and will not be reversed. The outstanding balance will be returned to you via your normal withdrawal method and any open bets will be voided immediately. Kind regards, XXX” Pretty harsh and annoying right? That is the last thing you can expect but before that, your account can be put on hard limits (“As you will be aware until now your account has been heavily restricted and the bets that you have wished to place haven’t been accepted. We have taken the decision to close the account rather than continue to offer a heavily restricted service. We are aware that you may be unhappy with this decision and apologize for any inconvenience”); and if you are a serious punter (I mean bet higher than 100EUR per bet) such site will become ineffective for you as well, despite their offer gives you the best odds in the betting industry. So what can you do to avoid being limited by bookies? Well there are a few methods I have used for ages and they allow me to stay happy with them.

  1. Learn how different bookmakers works with other players. Browse various forums what players say about them. For example, you read that various players all have been limited quickly so you have to conclude that investing very carefully to avoid encountering the same or just avoid to sign up with them.
  2. Bet with round stakes, so 50EUR, 100EUR, 200EUR, etc. If you place a bet with stake like this: 113,47EUR; 189,23EUR, etc, even though the stakes are decent and bookies should be happy to see their potential scalps, you will be identified as a potential arber and they will keep a close eye on you.
  3. Once your account is limited or closed, you can ask friends that can sign up and play by their names. However this can be very dangerous and is not allowed and bookmakers are aware of it (your account can be locked for investigation etc.). You also must be careful not to use the same IP addresses for different player accounts! It is not recommended and it should be made really as a last resort option.
  4. I prefer to use Asian bookies rather than European as their turnaround of profit is much bigger that you can even imagine so out there you won’t be limited and you have visible max limit you can bet on each bet you want.
  5. If you are on a high winning streak and surely want to withdraw the winnings, don’t withdraw it too fast nor under no circumstances don’t cash out all the balance (always leave at least 25% for the future bets) as by doing this you will be on a radar by financial dept at each bookie. Also try to use e-wallets as a depositing and withdrawal option as this saves cost that bookmaker must pay for money transfer and the benefit for you is that you will have your money faster on your account.
  6. Sometimes it’s really good to make a few losing bets on bookies sites. You may ask what am I writing here? Yes, believe me make some bets which you are sure will lose and lay them on other bookies or even on Betfair. You may be few quids down but you will reverse the scanning probe from your person.
Those are just most important rules of staying below the radar. I have a blacklist of the bookies which are really bad in cooperation with clients and which you should avoid but that is not the place to write about them. There are many ways to get around being limited but I truly believe you have your own as well. Good luck in bashing the bookies and remember that we are at war with them and as they have over 90% of bettors that brings them money from their betting, be in that other lesser few % part who can squeeze cash from them with ease!]]>