Betting Accumulators Explained

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Accumulators or Accas as many gamblers refer to them are one of the most popular bets laid. Their popularity lies in the fact that they allow a professional or occasional gambler to create a bet of their liking and increase the odds in doing so. Consider a two team sporting event where you are backing the favourite, you will likely only get odds of 1/2 at best. Even if you were really confident of that result, would you be willing to risk a £10 stake to only win £5? If you consider yourself an expert on a particular market then an accumulator allows you to increase the odds. You could back the favourite in 5 EPL games and if we assume the odds you got were again 1/2, these would multiple up to return £75.93 for the £10 stake, it could pay for your night out! Immediately you can see how this is more attractive than risking the same crisp ten pound note but for only a £5 return. Of course, with increased return comes added risk and you only need one game to fail to return the result you backed to bring the whole bet tumbling down, how many times has your mate said something along the lines of; “I only needed Stoke to score and I would’ve been a Grand richer!” So how do they work? An accumulator simply does what’s called! It accumulates the odds as you go along. An acca can be as simple as a double and as complex as 100 bets or more likely, the bookie’s limit on events allowed within one bet. The most famous accumulator is probably Frankie Dettori’s 7 races in one day back in 1996. On this occasion there were a mixture of odds that accumulated to approximately 22,000/1 so a tenner would return a quarter of a million return. It was made up 2-1, 12-1, 100-30, 7-1, 7-4, 5-4 & 2-1. The 12/1 makes a massive difference, without it the accumulator would result in only 1728/1 The danger with any accumulator is that one result can break the bet at any time that is what makes Dettori’s feat in ’96 so special. It is also one of the reasons why bookies now offer accumulator insurance or cash out services so that you can safeguard yourself against the pain of one result tripping you up! I’ve recently become a fan on betting on over 0.5 goals in English football as very few games finish goalless. 14 or 15 games normally get me up to evens on what should be a near surety! However I have been sweating on a goal a few times at 4.40pm on a Saturday! Accumulators are great fun and therefore more suited to the occasional gambler rather than the professional gambler as the high level of uncertainty is increased but are a good way of increasing your odds on a market you know well!]]>